YouTube is full of videos where young white men, often times armed, stand up to police and force the officers to back down. With African-Americans, however, the rules are often different and knowing your rights will get you Tasered or worse. One African-American man recorded an encounter with police where he avoided getting arrested or shοt while preserving his rights.

When cops knocked on his door looking for a fugitive, Avel Amarel was determined to record the incident and not allow officers to illegally enter his home, according to a video posted on

Police told Amarel that they wanted to search his home because of an incident that occurred in the parking lot, but Amarel told the officers that the person they were looking for was not inside his home and he wasn’t allowing police to enter without a warrant.

“Officer, I can’t let you inside without a search warrant,” he says.

Early in the encounter, an officer attempts to get Amarel to stop recording cell phone video, using the excuse that he didn’t know what the object was. Amarel informed the officer that the object in question was a cell phone and continued recording.

Throughout the video, Amarel refuses to let up, asking officers for three forms of identification. The officers never present any ID, but ask Amarel for ID, but he refuses. Amarel asks the officers whether he’s suspected of a crime and when the officers explain again about the fugitive, Amarel tells them that only he and his family are at the home.

When one officer asks for permission to search the home, Amarel tells him to come back with a warrant. Eventually the officers leave in frustration.


he survived?

did they come back for him?

Police Officer- ” we don’t know what he looks like”

So what do they need to come to anyone’s house for?? If they were that concerned about finding the “fugitive” they should have been more concerned about getting an eyewitness account from people not pushing into people’s homes to do who knows what.
I love seeing cops getting put in their place, as rare as it is.
Also that cop wasn’t slick trying to use that flashlight to obscure the video on the phone, obvious sign that they were up to no good.

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Laura Bow: The Dagger of Amon Ra


One of the unused Grand Canyon sketches.

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Started Eidolon, here’s what I’ve seen so far :)

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Anonymous Sculptor (Venice)

Portrait Bust of a Man

Italy (early 16th Century)

Polychromed Bronze, 27.9 cm. (H) [Bust of a black man wearing a doublet, a soft cap with a tassle, and earrings.]

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, Department of Western Art.


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

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Abstract Photographs - Akihiko Miyoshi

These images have a duality (and tension) of being simultaneously abstract and photographically real. Further, as with many of my other works the photographs expresses my interest in the effect of digital technology in photography and its aesthetic. For example the choice of red, green, and blue tape is based on the three primary colors that constitute a pixel. From a far the tapes can be seen as the pixels glowing on the computer screen. While the images are made using primarily traditional photographic methods, they reference the new aesthetic that seems to be emerging as a result of the use of digital tools and technologies. Seen in this context, by always including only the silhouette of the photographer with his camera, the images remind the viewers of the presence/absence of the producer/author and the method in which the images were constructed and bring forth the complex issues regarding authorship in the digital world.”

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